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by Michael & Evelyn Brown

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MOON GALLERY -- As the moon reflects the light of the sun, so art reflects life through the eyes of the artist.

Our Philosophy: "Portraiture is the most personal form of art. A portrait give the viewer a sense of the subjects' presence & tells a story. A likeness goes beyond surface details to reveal the essence of the spirit & personality behind the expression. When creating a portrait, we keep in mind that this is someone who is very much loved. Our mission is to be good story-tellers, and create portraits worthy of becoming family heirlooms, to be cherished for generations to come."

About the Artists: Michael & Evelyn Brown have been creating portraits professionally for over 30 years. Their work can be found in private & corporate collections worldwide. They have studied with some of the best portrait artists in the country and have drawn/painted literally thousands of portraits of people from all walks of life. The two artists have a supportive critic in each other, & each portrait receives the benefit of their combined talents & separate points of view. Michael Brown is also a talented landscape painter, evident in the environmental backgrounds of his portraits.

The Browns' commissioned portrait subjects include Bob Hope; Al Hirt (Michael presented a portrait of the Grammy Award winning trumpet player to Mrs. Hirt at the musician's induction into the New Orleans Musical Legends Hall of Fame); Steve Cropper ("Blues Brother" Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Grammy award winning songwriter, guitarist, & producer); & MVP Baseball Player, Manny Trillo (Philadelphia Phillies).

PROCESS: Each portrait is a collaboration between the artists, the subject, & the client. The Browns work directly with their customers through every step of the portrait, from photographing the subject & choosing the best pose & expression, to the finishing touches. Although they enjoy working from life, photography is now an important part of their work, to isolate the expression & other elements of the portrait. Working from photos allows the painting to be done without the necessity to pose for long sittings & when sittings are not an option. A likeness is guaranteed.

Personal Stories: Michael Brown (Mick), born in England, comes from an artistic family and his talents were encouraged at an early age. He received an Honors Degree in Fine Arts (University of Manitoba, Canada), and spent a year traveling through Europe, exploring art galleries and studying the works of the Old Masters. He worked as a photographer & technical illustrator for MCI/Greyhound, the Royal Canadian Air Force, & also for the United States Government, creating boardroom art & operations manuals for the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, a project to supply the Strategic Oil Reserves. After completing that project, Mick devoted his career to fine arts. He studied portraiture at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, and with noted portrait artists Chuck Moran & Daniel Greene. He also cites Burton Silverman, Joe Singer and John Howard Sanden as important influences.

Mick met Evelyn while vacationing in New Orleans & decided to stay. The couple married in 1980 & made New Orleans their home for over 25 years, until moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia.

Evelyn Brown, a native of Miami, FL, is also from a family of painters & writers (including poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow). Since she began drawing at age 3, art was always her primary focus, portraiture in particular. She received art scholarships in school & majored in fine arts in college. Evelyn fell in love with New Orleans during her first visit there (during Mardi Gras, '75). She was inspired by the beautiful architecture & romance of the city, & by the hundreds of artists she saw working in the Vieux Carre. She soon returned to New Orleans to become a full time member of the art colony there.
Evelyn studied portraiture & painting at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts with Dell Weller & with noted portrait artists Chuck Moran, Bob Graham & Paul McCormack. She also attended portrait workshops at the National Portrait Seminar in NYC, NY, conducted by John Howard Sanden, Margaret Holland Sargent, and Robert Bruce Williams .

Both Mick & Evelyn Brown are animal lovers and also specialize in portraits of pets & horses. The Browns contribute to several animal welfare organizations & participate in fundraisers for these charities, including the LA-SPCA, & The Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta   (their animal portraits directly benefit these organizations). Their dog, "Heidi" & cat, "Bucky", are both adopted from rescue groups.

The Browns live in Blairsville, GA, & are members of the Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association www.BRMAA.net, the Southeastern Pastel Society http://www.southeasternpastel.org, & the Southern Appalachian Artists Guild www.southernappalachianartists.org. Their work is often displayed at venues at the art center in Blue Ridge, GA. http://www.blueridgearts.net.